Dog Collars

Dog collars are mainly used by the owner to control or identify the dog. It could be used in the dog training or as a fashion material as well.

Dog Collars

Dog Collars

Dog collar is a strap around dog’s neck serving as a safety grip. It is further hooked to a long leash controlled by the owner. The collar provides manual control and also helps the owner in mobility of their dog. The concept became popular as it helped in grabbing the dog and having a lead on him. Also,a collar with name tag makes your dog recognizable along with other vital information written on the tag.

You will find different types of dog collars available in the market. The material, purpose and dog training are important to know before deciding on a particular one. Depending on the material, there are mainly fur, leather, chain and satin dog collars. You can also get basic dog collars popularly known as “spikey” and “stud”. For safety purpose, there are flea collars that help keep flea away, illuminated collars for night time and slip collars to form loop around dog’s neck.

Some of the best selling Dog collars are:
   10-14 Inch Blue Puppy Paws Dog Collar 10-14 Inch Pink Leopard Dog Collar   13-20 Inch Multi Stripe Dog Collar 10-14 Inch Pink Puppy Paws Dog Collar

Common dog collars are the one with some sort of a label, where they have dog information printed on them. For example name, address, blood group and breed. Such collars help in medical emergencies or in case the dog is lost. Elizabeth collars are cone shaped and easily fitted on the body to prevent a dog from biting or scratching oneself.
Most sorted out collars of all are the customized collars. Owners who adore their pet has a keen interest in getting collars made with unique design. It might have an embedded name, tiny ID cards with dog picture, random popular graphics and much more. Famous are the pink, peach or white shiny satin collars for female dogs. Similarly, leather and spikey ones in black, brown or blue shade are for male dogs.

Dog collars also have little bells, bows, bones and other accessories for attraction purposes. The choice completely depends from owner to owner.

Owner must keep the dog free from a collar when he or she is resting or not being trained. This will help your dog to differentiate between training and rest periods. This trick can also be used to bathe or take your pet out for a walk. There are collar trackers available in the market as well that help you in tracing your dog.

Collar is one of the most important accessories for your dog. Choosing the right type for various purposes is essential. Keep in mind; the prices of dog collars are just anything ranging from scratch to luxury.