Chiwawa Dog Pictures

Here we have gathered some of the best user submitted Chiwawa dog pictures. If you are interested in publishing your dog photo on this page, please read the submission guidelines mentioned below and submit using the form provided. But before that, here are some adorable Chiwawa dog pictures for you!!

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Photo Submission Guidelines:

Q: How can I submit a photo of my Chiwawa?
A: You could actually submit your dog’s photo in two ways to get it published on our website:

Write about your Chiwawa dog and submit article with 2 photos at our email address:
Submit your Chiwawa dog’s photo directly to us using website for use in our photo galleries and various other articles.

Even though we try try to use every submission as soon as possible however, please understand the fact that we do not guarantee use of your photo at all, or the time frame it will take to review your photo submitted.

Please make sure of including below mentioned details in your email:

  1. Subject line should read “Photo Submission”
  2. Your complete name (Also indicate whether you would want us to use your last name, or a nickname in the article and for photo credit)
  3. A short description of the Chiwawa dog photo with any extra information that you would like to include (We would atleast prefer you to include the dog’s name, age, color and breed)
  4. Chiwawa dog photos should be only sent as an attachment
  5. Photo format should be in .jpg and a minimum size of 500×500 pixels.

While submitting your Chiwawa dog photos, you understand and certify that you are the author, or sole owner of the material submitted to Us and our licensees may reproduce, distribute, publish, display, edit, modify, create derivative works and otherwise use the material submitted for any purpose in any form and on any media. You also agree to indemnify for all expenses and damages that may be incurred in connection with the submitted material.

Please keep checking back in order to see whether your submitted material is up. We thank you for your precious submission!