Brief about Chiwawa Dog

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Popularly called pocket-size or toy dogs, Chiwawa dog belongs to the smallest breed with size ranging between 6 inches to 10 inches and a life span of around 10-18 years.

Interestingly chiwawa is also known as “Chihuahua” in the kennel world. It was named after the popular Chihuahua State in Mexico. Chiwawa’s are famous, attractive and quite lovable.

Chiwawa Dog 🙂

Physical Features of Chiwawa

The physical features of chiwawa dog include dark brown-black shiny body with short or long hair. Though there are sand, light brown, gold, white, chocolate and blonde colored chiwawas too depending on the variety in the breed. Their most adored and attractive features are amusing style of walking and screechy bark. The best feature is they have big brown or black eyes, which convey the various moods of the breed. Chiwawa has a popular apple shaped head with large straight ears and big nose just like a toy. They have short straight limbs and tiny feet supporting an elongated coat length with a short tail slightly curled at the end.

Often referred to as luxury pets, chiwawa dogs are known for their expressive body language, mannerism and poise making them easy-to-keep pets. Though they are not the best fighting dog breed, however as pets they are quite attentive, loyal and protective about the house.

Do not puzzle yourself if your grown up chiwawa or Chihuahua dog seems short to you, this is natural and not a defect. They are delicate and also called tea cup size dogs.

Chiwawa is usually small, with petite physical features and childlike communication. They also require an infant like care along with a healthy diet. They do not shy away from lump sum meals and are quite active throughout the day.

Keeping a dog is quite an interesting and admiring job, along with that is creating mini dog house for your pet, collecting different accessories and related memorabilia. You know you just can’t stop pampering your chiwawa dog!